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Antepartum Doula: About
Grand Rapids Doula


An antepartum doula supports a woman through pregnancy. Any pregnant person can benefit, however this can be especially helpful for high risk pregnancies, teen or single parents, or people on bed rest. This support can look a little different for everyone, depending on what their needs are.

Some of the ways I can support you are:

  • Emotional Support

  • Listen to and address your concerns

  • Practical Information

  • Referrals to providers

  • Light housework

  • Helping with other children

  • Helping with pets

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Education on brain training and mindfulness

  • Prepare for your birth

  • Physical Comfort Measures

  • Massage

  • Positioning

  • Nutrition and Meal Prep

  • Preparing for a home birth

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can figure out how I can best support you through your pregnancy!

How Much Does It Cost?

$35 Per Hour

Visits are scheduled with a minimum of 3 hours. Overnight, or visits after 8 pm will be an additional $5 per hour. Your contract includes text and phone call support that begins at our first visit, and ends at birth. Discounts are available for Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula Clients.

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