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A Birth Class
for the parent that
isn't giving birth.

At The Ready

The birth of your child is arguably one of your Greatest Adventures. 
Playing an active role in the birth of your child, especially when you're not the one 
giving birth is instrumental to bonding with the child, building your relationship with your partner, and creating a solid ground for the beginning of your parenting journey. 

Unfortunately, birth partners aren't always viewed in the best light. In media, they're often portrayed as panicked, problematic, or passed out. It's time to fight this stereotype, and claim your space as the birth partner! 

With a little bit of guidance, you can support your partner with the confidence, strength, and effectiveness they deserve, all while having the experience you want!

Not only can you improve your experience, you can improve your partners. Continuous skilled  support during labor can reduce pain, shorten labor, and improve outcomes for the one giving birth, as well as for the baby!

No Shame

No Shame.
No Nonsense. 
You won't be hooked up to a labor simulator, or asked to do anything strange in front of class. We're all about empowering you, not embarrassing you. 

No Pregnant People

Let's face it. Trying to learn how to support someone while they're there can get a little awkward. Then trying to recreate what you've learned can be even more awkward. Let's keep the mystery alive, and foster organic connections. Nothing too rehearsed. 

Tools that go beyond birth

The tools taught in this class are used by some of the greatest minds. They make you a better support person at your child's birth, but they can be used for anything! 
Excel in business? Do it.
Be a better athlete? Get it.
Take these tools and be great.

You've got this.


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