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Doula Grand Rapids Mi


Having the right support during birth can make or break your birth experience. I offer intuitive emotional and physical support to help you achieve your best birth, regardless of what that looks like!

I utilize my knowledge of anatomy, birth, and even neuroscience to support you.  I am prepared, and honored, to support all types of birth. 

I also offer bereavement support and packages. 


Reach out today for a free consultation so we can discuss how I can best support you in your birth journey!

What's Included?

  • 2 Prenatal Visits 

  • 4 Weeks of On Call

  • 24/7 Text/Phone Call Support

  • Full Support At Your Birth

  • 1 Postpartum Visit

  • Years of Experience and Knowledge on your side!

How Much Does It Cost?


I am able to accept HSA/FSA payments, and am happy to assist you in setting up a baby registry account so you can use gifted funds to pay for your doula!

Are you, or someone you know, a teen parent? I offer income based rates for anyone under the age of 20 who's giving birth. Reach out for more information!

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